Hello, my name is

Richard Pessall

I’m an enthusiastic full-stack marketeer & business consultant helping start-ups and established companies make the most of their web presence. You can find my recent projects on Dribbble and Behance.

My skillset

Design, Web Presence & Business Consultancy

I've spent the last years helping various companies create effortless user experiences through a variety of mediums. This experience together with freelance work I've done as well as establishing several start-up companies has allowed me to acquire wide range of skills as a designer and marketer, making me ideal for companies who seek to make a presence in the marketplace. Building products with a solid foundation, working side by side with teams, releasing new features and analyzing customers' interactions to continuously improve upon my work is what I love the most about my job!

I am currently the creative director at Boma Group where I am involved with the menu & web design, social media and business development. I have spearheaded several business ventures ranging from apparel to contraceptives. I find that my broad resumé and practical knowledge of business administration makes me the ideal candidate for businesses looking to excel.




Visit Website Creative Director 2014 - Now

Forplay Condoms

Visit Website Director 2012 - 2014

Digitally Fresh

Visit Website Founder 2009 - 2011

Recent Projects

About Me

I enjoy
Traveling Eating Chilling Out Socialising Working Out Playing Football Mini-Golfing

I enjoy the challenge of working outside of my element and using what outside knowledge I have and applying it to situations that can benefit my clients. When I'm not in front of my mac, I enjoy good food, good drink and good company as well as exploring new countries and hitting the gym.

I'm currently studying business management & law at King's College London where I hope to bolster my current work experience with more theoretical knowledge. I've been a bartender, condom salesmen and a graphic designer and I find all of these experiences have made me a multi-faceted and pro-active individual


Let's work together!

If you'd like to talk about a project you want help with or need any advice about marketing, brand development or the like, just drop me a message at rich@pessall.com. I'm currently available for small projects.

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